Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy

The COAG Energy Council agreed to Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy, at the 22nd Energy Council Meeting on Friday 22 November 2019. The strategy sets out actions for the development of a clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen industry in Australia, with the aim of Australia becoming a major global player in the hydrogen industry by 2030.

Find out more and read the National Hydrogen Strategy.

GPA Engineering developed two reports that contributed to the strategy, Hydrogen in the Gas Distribution Networks, and Hydrogen impacts on downstream installations, and appliances, both reports are well referenced in the strategy document.

Review these and additional reports developed to support the National Hydrogen Strategy.

GPA strives to develop knowledge and expertise to shape the future of energy and in turn benefit all Australians. The potential outcomes of fostering hydrogen as a fuel is exciting to us and we look forward to taking on new challenges to assist in the implementation of National Hydrogen Strategy.

Thanks to the Government of South Australia and the Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre (FFCRC) for the opportunity to contribute to the strategy.