Developing Australia’s Hydrogen Industry

Hydrogen production and utilisation technologies are an emerging industry within Australia, with limited local experience requiring projects to be developed from the ground up. GPA has made it a priority focus to develop hydrogen engineering and associated technologies.  Our experience in power generation, hydrocarbon facilities, high-pressure pipelines research and standards, as well as our strong risk team equip GPA to deliver a range of hydrogen projects from concept through to project delivery.  

GPA recently completed a study, which featured in the South Australian Hydrogen Action Plan (page 29). The report authored by GPA Engineering summarises the technical impacts of addition of hydrogen in the Australian gas distribution networks.

Hydrogen Action Plan GPA project mention

The study included:

A review of the natural gas distribution network across Australia including materials, end-users and gas quality

A review of the current safety standards considering up to 10% hydrogen

A review of the relevant safety and technical regulations considering up to 10% hydrogen

A development of a set of recommendations for government and industry to allow up to 10% hydrogen

GPA were engaged to complete this kick-start project by the SA Government on behalf of COAG. GPA worked closely with research organisations such as FFCRC, industry participants such as AGIG, Jemena, Evoenergy and ATCO, and the technical regulators in all Australian states and territories. Support from these groups was greatly appreciated; GPA looks forward to building on these working relationships to enable the hydrogen industry to mature within Australia.

The report identified several on-going actions, with GPA currently completing a study of the impact of addition of hydrogen on end users, for inclusion in the National Hydrogen Strategy.

In further preparation for hydrogen industry development, GPA achieved membership to HySafe (International Association for Hydrogen Safety) providing access to an international wealth of knowledge. GPA will in turn contribute to HySafe’s knowledge base, sharing lessons learnt from completed projects, ensuring the continual improvement of safety in hydrogen systems design.

GPA recently attended HySafe’s ICHS 2019 gala dinner where energy and project management specialist, Briony O’Shea presented the welcome speech to participants on GPA’s behalf. Briony took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the projects and partners that GPA have had the privilege to work with, developing the hydrogen industry in Australia.

HySafe ICHA 2019 Gala Dinner Briony OShea

Daniel Krosch, GPA mechanical engineer, also attended the HySafe AGM, where the committee welcomed him as their new member on behalf of GPA.

GPA strives to be at the forefront of the hydrogen industry knowledge within Australia and understands the potential of this sustainable energy source for both Australia’s and the world’s future.  The development of technologies and infrastructure to supplement, and in some cases eventually replace current methods of energy production and supply is a growing expectation of society, responsible and innovative organisations must take the lead.