Developing Emerging Technologies in Australia’s Pipeline and Gas Industry

The 2019 APGA Annual Convention and Exhibition was held this week in Adelaide. GPA once again supported the event as a major sponsor, providing coffee and charging stations within the exhibition hall.

GPA Director, Tony Williams had the opportunity to address attendees at the APGA annual dinner on Tuesday evening. He highlighted the importance GPA place on developing emerging technologies, in particular the introduction of hydrogen to the gas pipeline network and thanked the supporters of GPA’s inaugural hydrogen projects.

Tony’s speech:

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

GPA has been a major sponsor of this event for approximately 15 years and a vigorous contributor to the industry over the same period. We donate hundreds of hours per annum to the various seminars, standards, codes of practise, working groups and committees associated with APGA.

Currently we are actively engaged by the COAG kick-start working group to review our gas pipelines and appliance’s suitability for introduction of 10% hydrogen from both a technical and regulatory viewpoint. We see this as important work, not only to assist in the Decarbonisation Incentives of the Federal Government, but as an enabler to you, the Pipeline Industry participants, to repurpose and maintain ongoing Asset Value. Natural gas with hydrogen is an important transitional energy source, as Craig de Laine presented today.

I would like to thank and in particular the SA Government, AGIG and Jemena for trusting GPA to investigate, engineer and deliver the first of many hydrogen based production and blending facilities.

GPA strive to be major contributor in developing the hydrogen industry in Australia and place importance on continually building and strengthening working relationships with key stakeholders within this field