Material Handling

We have experience providing engineering design and inspection services for material handling applications in the mining, mineral processing and bulk grain handling sectors.

Our expertise covers:

  • conceptual and feasibility studies
  • strategic planning
  • front end engineering design
  • detailed design
  • project management
  • procurement management
  • construction management
  • commissioning and operations support
  • asset management.

  • Processing plant civil & structural design
  • Stackers, reclaimers, chutes, bins & silos
  • Conveyor systems
  • Crushers & grinding mills
  • Slurry pumping & tailings dams
  • Wet processing & beneficiation (hydro-cyclones, vibrating screens, filtration units, clarifiers, thickeners)
  • Bulk loading/unloading, storage, road/rail transport, pipelines & pumping facilities
  • Chemical dosing & flocculent preparation
  • Process water & plant utilities
  • Wastewater treatment & re-use
  • Power generation & steam systems
  • HV/LV electrical supply & distribution
  • Instrumentation & process control systems
  • Safety systems & risk management
  • PLC & SCADA implementation.

Asset evaluation is critical, with many factors to be considered such as: site purpose, site communication and accessibility, capacity, utilisation (annually), asset condition (structural, mechanical, electrical, controls), estimated remedial costs, asset risk, business criticality, actions and recommendations. GPA provides asset management framing to assist with this process maximising return on capital investment.

A service commonly required is silo cracking analysis. Our team evaluates silo conditions, investigates the causes and the extent of damages, and provides estimated life expectancy of silos. This is a comprehensive process involving site investigations, extracting of concrete samples and laboratory testing. We provide a report on findings and offer recommendations regarding repair methodologies, future maintenance and inspection requirements.