GPA undertook its first major high pressure natural gas pipeline design project in 1998. Since then, we have been designing and building pipeline and compressor projects across Australia.

GPA is a key contributor to Australia’s pipeline industry with several gas transfer projects spanning the county. We have delivered pipeline design engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services on major pipelines, including:

  • The Northern Gas Pipeline
  • Palm Valley
  • Owen Springs Lateral
  • Pine Gap Lateral
  • Dingo Pipeline
  • SESA, Mortlake
  • SEA Gas
  • Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS).

GPA have extended capabilities in, and can assist with pipeline services including design of CSG gathering networks, two phase pipelines, liquid hydrocarbon pipelines, sulphuric acid pipelines, CO2 and LPG pipelines, water and slurry pipelines.

We are also an active member of the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA), as well as a contributor to the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre (EPCRC).

GPA place importance on being at the forefront of research and knowledge for key issues facing the Australian pipeline industry.

  • Compression & gathering systems design
  • Pipeline facility design (power generation, scraper stations, regulator stations, main line valves)
  • Liquid & gas custody transfer metering & measurement systems
  • Control system design
  • Pipeline SCADA and communications systems & networks
  • Line-break systems design
  • Leak detection system design & specification
  • Transient, steady state & pipeline network modelling
  • Pipeline, compressor & facility debottlenecking & optimisation
  • Spoolable composite, GRE, PE pipelines design & specification
  • Regulatory compliance auditing & operational support
  • Safety management studies, updates & reviews
  • Flow enhancer, biocide, inhibitor Injection systems
  • Hazardous area plume dispersion modelling, designation & audits
  • Fracture control plans
  • Pipeline integrity management plans.

GPA was engaged by Jemena to design the 623 km, $800 million Northern Gas Pipeline from Tennant Creek, NT to Mt Isa, QLD. The pipeline design project aimed to drive commercial exploration and development of NT gas reserves to meet the demand from the east coast gas market.

As well as being active members of the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA) and the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre (EPCRC), GPA have had engineers serving on the standards committee for AS2885, the APGA code of environmental impact committee, pipeline engineer training committee, SA Young Pipeliners Forum committee and pipeline composites reference group. These groups and committees ensure GPA remain at the forefront of research and knowledge for key issues facing our pipeline industry.