Process Industries

GPA has extensive experience servicing clients across a range of process industries, including water, oil & gas, manufacturing
cement, chemical, mineral processing (including Uranium, Zinc, Copper and Lead), food & beverage, waste management and

Our people have expertise in, and advise on:

  • conceptual and feasibility studies
  • strategic planning
  • front end engineering design
  • detailed design
  • project, procurement, and construction management
  • commissioning,
  • operations support
  • asset management.

  • Burner management systems
  • Safety instrumented systems
  • Type B compliance
  • Electrical shutdown loop design
  • HV and LV, MCC’s
  • Generators
  • Fire systems
  • Storage tanks
  • AS4041/ASME B31.3 piping of all materials for liquids, gases, steam and slurries
  • Pumps/valves for liquids and slurries
  • Pressure equipment, vessel design, inspection
  • Instrumentation: analytical, flow, pressure, temperature
  • Lift studies, crane/lifting equipment specification
  • Fans/ductwork for plant cooling, hygiene and off-gas scrubbing systems
  • Tanker load-in and load-out facilities
  • Heating/cooling systems for gas and liquid: heat exchangers, cooling towers, gas-fired water-bath heaters, waste heat recovery
  • Solid/liquid separation: hydro-cyclones, centrifuges, decanters, thickeners, clarifiers
  • Bulk material handling equipment: bins, hoppers, conveyors, grinding mills and crushers
  • Water treatment facilities: demineralisation, MF and UF/RO
  • Integrity management planning
  • Gas train modification
  • Steady-state, transient and dynamic process modelling
  • Debottlenecking and plant optimisation analysis
  • Process flow-sheet and design development
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Mechanical/structural integrity and fatigue analysis
  • Finite element analysis (FEA).

We have comprehensive experience, and can assist with asset management, assessment condition and risk assessment and we regularly advise on plant optimisation to increase plant productivity, boost reliability and reduce operating costs.

GPA has performed asset condition and optimisation studies for number of clients across a range of applications and disciplines such as: power systems, energy management, control system and processing plant optimisation, pipe work and pressure vessels, tanks, structural assessments in addition to safety critical system, such as burner and boiler management studies and risk assessments.

GPA performs facility process modelling for greenfield and brownfield plants to provide sizing, debottlenecking, optimisation, heat recovery and efficiency improvements for gas, liquids and multiphase systems. We use static and dynamic simulation of the process to ensure the viability, stability and safety of the system, and a combination of in-house tools as well as Aspen HYSYS.

Our unit operations knowledge including: separations systems design, distillation, water treatment and heat transfer, and fluid dynamics, means we can provide cost effective specifications and designs.