APGA Award Winner Richard McDonough

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) announced GPA's Richard McDonough as the recipient of the Association’s 2015 award for the Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Pipeline Industry.

In his previous position as Manager, Engineering and Policy, DSD (PIRSA), Richard's major responsibilities related to pipeline regulation and licensing, advising the South Australian Government on long-term gas supply to the eastern states and was the representative on the AS2885 standards committee.

Richard continues to make substantial and detailed contributions to the current revision of AS
2885.1 through the ME-38-01 subcommittee and he also plays a key role in managing the important research program undertaken through the APGA Research and Standards Committee and the Energy Pipelines CRC. He is Deputy Chair of the RSC Executive and is also an actively engaged member of the steering committee for the EPCRC Research Program 4 on the sociology of safety.

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