OH&S policy

GPA Engineering Pty Ltd is committed to workplace safety and the elimination of work-related injury and illness.

This commitment applies equally to the management, employees, clients and visitors and extends to all of the Company’s activities and operations. Our commitment is detailed in this Management Manual and the associated work instructions, policies and procedures and it includes the establishment of measurable objectives and targets to insure continued improvement towards the goal of eliminating work-related injury and illness.

  • Safety will be a primary concern in the workplace and during all phases of the provision of Engineering Services
  • Accordingly, GPA will ensure that all statutory, regulatory, company, AS/NZS 4801:2001 and client safety requirements are complied with

All employees, clients and visitors are:

  • made aware of prevailing safety requirements;
  • empowered to voice concerns relating to safety;
  • encouraged to be observant, conscientious and aware of safety issues on our worksites
  • required to report actual or potential incidents via the established site reporting mechanism.

To facilitate an injury and illness free workplace GPA has implemented:

  • A Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIDRA) process to address both internal and external safety issues.
  • An Accident Investigation (AI) process
  • A Safe Work Practices work instruction that ensures a risk-based precautionary approach is used

In addition, GPA’s safety performance shall be monitored at Management Review.

The GPA Safety Policy is managed by the Company EHS Officer.