CSG Appraisal Skid

Santos GLNG

Santos Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas (GLNG) engaged GPA to assist with a prototype modular appraisal skid to evaluate coal seam gas wells. We completed the engineering design, and provided construction support for the prototype.

Our engineers worked together with the skid fabricator to fast track the project from detailed design, through to fabrication, transportation and installation on site. The appraisal skid designed by GPA contains:

  • wellhead isolation

The skid design we developed can easily be re-configured to operate the well with a progressive cavity pump, hydraulic power unit or, as a free-flow well. The self-contained appraisal skid provides Santos GLNG a design that achieves: easier transportation requirements, simpler on-site installation, and reduced capital costs and deployment time when evaluating new wells.