Hay Point Coal Terminal Statutory Maintenance Review

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

The Hay Point Coal Terminal project involved GPA undertaking reviews of equipment and structures, to provide the relevant statutory maintenance and inspection information that allowed BMA to assess changes required for compliance.

The key project deliverables included a report containing the statutory requirements for the equipment and structures viewed on site, and detailed information on the applicable Australian legislation and standards. Additionally, an explanation of the statutory inspection and maintenance requirements was provided on each of the following:

  • safety instrumented systems
  • electrical and instrumentation
  • electrical equipment in hazardous areas
  • fire systems
  • cranes
  • conveyors
  • industrial lift trucks
  • excavators
  • vehicles
  • pressure equipment

GPA recommended that:

  • an overall facility integrity management plan should be developed for the facility
  • individual discipline integrity management plans and specific work orders should be prepared/reviewed and cross-referenced from the overall site integrity management plan
  • audits are completed to ensure SAP scheduled inspection and testing activities match the requirements.