Torrens Island CO2 Removal

Air Liquide

GPA provided FEED and detailed engineering services for a new carbon dioxide purification facility at AGL's Torrens Island Power Station. We designed a high pressure, high temperature steam piping network, and pressure reduction station.

A key requirement was that the system needed to fit with AGL’s existing high pressure boiler systems, transporting gases to Air Liquide’s new facility. We designed a:

  • duct system (to transport exhaust gases from four combustion systems to Air Liquide’s gas processing facility)
  • HDPE and GRP pipeline
  • vertical turbine pumping system (to transport seawater to-and-from Air Liquide’s facility)
  • control system interface between the existing AGL and new Air Liquide plants.

Detailed engineering work was required to deliver the fit-for-purpose designs, for the highly complex brownfield integration. Our engineers demonstrated design proficiency for a variety of process conditions, fluids and material requirements. Advanced 3D surveying and data manipulation was also used to model existing infrastructure across large areas of the AGL power station.