Concept & Feasibility Studies

We regularly work on projects from the initial concept studies, through to detailed design, construction management and hand over to operators. The experience gained by delivering services through a full project lifecycle is invaluable to both our people and our clients.

As our knowledge and understanding further expands, learnings are applied to our processes, and are fed back into future concept and FEED level deliverables. Our clients continuously benefit as we continue to create efficiencies and process improvements, resulting from our experiences.

Our engineering services include concept and feasibility studies which extend to cost estimation deliverables and industry analysis (used for market assessments by clients). We can also deliver stand-alone product-to-market assessments, to evaluate cost options for various development options.

GPA has undertaken studies for:

  • pipeline routes
  • compressor stations
  • gas processing facilities
  • gas storage
  • GRE and composite pipelines including spoolable
  • water reinjection,
  • HV loads,
  • power station waste heat,
  • construction and operations


  • Advanced modelling techniques (process modelling, mechanical/structural design, key power system studies)
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Nozzle load analysis
  • Anchor sizing requirement
  • Pressure vessel design
  • Atmospheric tank design
  • Finite element analysis
  • Lifting analysis
  • Earthquake/wind loading
  • Structural & skid sizing & loading
  • Ductile fracture control analysis
  • Power system fault studies & load flow
  • Fault level studies
  • Transient system response
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Motor starting studies
  • Power system earthing studies (using Finite Element Analysis software).


  • CAESER II Pipe Stress Analysis Software
  • PV Elite Pressure Vessel design, analysis and evaluation software
  • Microstran, Limcon and Structural Tool Kit – Structural Steel Design and Analysis
  • Strand 7 – Finite Element Analysis
  • PIPE-DFRAC – Ductile fracture control modelling
  • HYSYS and PetroSIM Process Steady State Simulation
  • HYSYS and PetroSIM Process Dynamic Simulation
  • Phast – Hazardous area analysis / plume dispersion modelling
  • Flowtran
  • KYPipe2000
  • SKM Power Tools HV to LV Network Modelling
  • PowerCAD and PowerPAK LV Electrical Design Tools
  • Etap
  • Groundmat
  • InstruCalc Instrumentation Sizing and Selection
  • INEL Saphire Reliability and Risk Modelling Software Suite
  • Radarmobile