HV Power Engineering

GPA has extensive involvement in high voltage asset management across a number of industries. We are highly aware of industry specific requirements, and offer power engineering solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

GPA offers HV engineering services to the oil and gas, mining and minerals, power distribution and power generation industries. Clients range from those seeking large-scale power network solutions to the high voltage powering of on-site machinery. Over the past 30 years, GPA has developed a wide reaching power engineering knowledge base, which continually is evolving to be at the forefront of industry.

We have experience with a wide variety of HV equipment and distribution networks operating at voltages of 1kV up to 275kV.

Our power engineering design capabilities, provide the ability to:

  • model and assess complex distribution and reticulation networks
  • identify fault levels
  • calculate load flow
  • analyse network protection


High voltage engineering services are undertaken to quality standards, with a priority on safety.


  • HV distribution network design, including overhead/underground
  • HV substation design & specification (Air and GIS)
  • HV switchgear specification indoor & outdoor
  • Switchroom design & specification (fixed and transportable)
  • Substation audit & condition assessment
  • Network load flow modelling
  • Transient analysis & system stability studies
  • Fault level analysis & arc flash evaluation
  • Protection studies (HV & LV)
  • Transformer sizing, specification and installation scopes (oil & dry)
  • Earthing grid modelling, design and earthing system audits
  • Earthing system condition assessments, testing & performance verification
  • Static and dynamic reactive power support system design & specification
  • Generator sizing for island, backup & embedded generation applications.
  • Design, specification & commissioning
  • Lightning protection system design
  • Harmonic analysis & active filtering
  • Transient analysis & motor starting
  • Variable speed drives: specification, installation and commissioning
  • Hazard and operability studies, hazard risk assessments
  • Arc flash risk analysis, protection and mitigation using NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 methods
  • Certified HV overhead line & underground services designers for regulated power utilities in NSW.


  • Electrical Design Software: ETap, SKM Power Tools, Groundmat
  • PowerCAD