Oil and Gas

The design, development, upgrade and support of both upstream and downstream oil and gas facilities has been one of GPA’s specialties since the Company’s formation in 1987.

GPA has designed oil and gas wellheads, metering, gathering systems, pumping facilities, separation facilities, process heaters and coolers, compressor stations, trunklines and truck load/unload stations in every oil and gas province in Australia. For the majority of these facilities GPA has also been engaged to manage the construction activities, undertake the commissioning of the new or upgraded equipment and in many instances operate the facilities until the client’s personnel have been trained to take operational responsibility.

The spread of GPA’s engineering disciplines i.e. for an oil and gas project from the initial process engineering through to SCADA and control, ensures that the design work produced by the Company is complete, seamless and robust. Also, because GPA is usually involved in the commissioning, the Company’s engineers obtain a high level of practical operating knowledge of the plant that allows GPA to provide ongoing operational support.