GPA has two main areas of expertise in the water industry i.e.

  • The treatment, handling and distribution of process water in the oil and gas, mining and minerals processing industries, and
  • The development, design, manufacture, configuration, installation and commissioning of SCADA and control systems for water and wastewater treatment plants and regional water distribution systems.

GPA has undertaken pumping systems design, reverse osmosis plant specification and integration, micro and ultra filtration design, settling system sizing specification and integration and dosing systems design. This work has been performed in a variety of industries with water of widely varying quality and degrees of contamination.

GPA has completed a significant number of water industry projects ranging from SCADA systems with hundreds of RTUs to small, remote area level monitoring systems, the control of chemical dosing sites and the control of major water pumping stations. The projects include the supply, configuration and commissioning of the central monitoring/control facilities and the provision of ongoing operations support for minor modifications and trouble shooting.