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Meet GPA’s Management Team

GPA is led by 5 Engineering Directors, each director has a specialist focus and is an expert in their field, providing mentoring across the organisation, and setting GPA’s strategic direction in-line with company culture and values. Alongside the Directors, GPA maintains a team of leaders who are specialists in their fields and disciplines, who develop GPA’s capabilities, and oversee the development and support of GPA’s engineering teams. Using a cohesive management approach, GPA creates a supportive workplace where our people are motivated and engaged to reach their full potential.


  • Sean Flaherty

    Managing Director

  • David Johnston

    Director | Principal Hazardous Area Engineer

  • John Elliott

    Director | Principal SCADA and Control Systems Engineer

  • Rob Lake

    Director | Principal Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer

  • Nigel Hough

    Director | Queensland and NSW Regional Manager

Industry Sector Managers

  • Josh Wickham

    Industry Sector Manager - Pipelines & Compression, Oil & Gas

  • Briony O’Shea

    Industry Sector Manager - Hydrogen & Decarbonisation

  • Tane Bowels

    Industry Sector Manager - Mining & Minerals

  • David Peacock

    Industry Sector Manager - Water & Wastewater

  • Sean Flaherty

    Industry Sector Manager - Defence

  • Rob Lake

    Industry Sector Manager - Power

  • Amilcar Guerra

    Industry Sector Manager - Ports & Materials Handling

Discipline Managers

  • Luke Jureidini

    Project Delivery Team Manager

  • Donny Pascale

    Discipline Manager - Mechanical Engineering

  • Francois Lambrechts

    Discipline Manager - Process Engineering

  • Lisa Hein

    Discipline Manager - Risk & Advisory

  • Amilcar Guerra

    Discipline Manager - Civil & Structural Engineering

  • John Elliott

    Discipline Manager - SCADA & Control Systems

  • Rob Lake

    Discipline Manager - Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

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GPA are dedicated to career development and progression with industry specific training, offering the ability to expand your knowledge and experience, working closely with seasoned industry professionals. Our collaborative culture fosters excellence in engineering, sharing individuals expertise in a team based professional environment.

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