Pushing the Edge for Mental Health Awareness and Support

Pushing the Edge for Mental Health Awareness and Support

The Push-Up Challenge is a national incentive that shines a spotlight on mental health issues affecting everyday Australians in efforts to reduce the stigma. Funds raised support the national charity, Lifeline – Australia’s leading suicide prevention service provider, offering 24-hour support to those struggling with their mental health.

GPA employees from across the nation took part in the challenge held from June 1st-23rd, committing to complete 3,144 push ups each over the 23 days. The number of push ups to complete was 3144 recognising the number of Australians who have passed away from suicide in past year.

GPA understands the necessity for employee wellbeing and strives to raise awareness of mental health, we believe in supporting and breaking the stigma of mental health issues. The Push-Up Challenge is a unique and encouraging initiative that GPA is proud to take part in, it promotes positive mental health amongst colleagues through connection, physical activity and education.

GPA’s challenge team ‘Pushing the Edge’, captained by Principal control systems engineer, David Peacock highlighted that, “The Push-Up Challenge created an opportunity for people at GPA to come together to work on a challenge that many consider ridiculously hard and turn it into something achievable.”

54 employees took part in the challenge, by not only doing push-ups but also other types of physical activity including sit-ups, lunges and squats. Staff were encouraged to ‘push’ together with time scheduled in the café area each day at 11am and 2:30pm, with those from other offices dialling in online – inspiring all to have fun and building relationships across the organisation.

Team ‘Pushing the Edge’ completed a total of 118,153 push-ups and raised over $7,428 – doubling GPA’s initial goal of $3,000! Amazing to see many get behind the initiative and push for a great cause. GPA was very proud with our fundraising results ranking 68th nationally and 5th   in South Australia for the team’s category.

Funds raised by the challenge support Lifeline’s mental health services, ensuring Lifeline can continue to provide those services to those in need. Lifeline strives to reassure those in need that they are not alone and that reaching out during hard times is crucial. GPA has taken part in the Push-Up Challenge for several years and look forward increasing participation and funds raised in the 2024!

Thank you and well done everyone for completing this challenge!