Atlas Compressor Station (ACS)

The Atlas Compressor Station (ACS) is a CSG gas compression facility developed for Jemena in the Western Downs Region of Queensland. GPA completed the detailed design as well as supporting procurement and construction.

The ACS project required detailed engineering design and construction support of a CSG gas compression facility rated at 48 TJ/day. Compression was achieved via six gas engine driven 1,000 HP screw compressors in series with six gas engine driven 1,000 HP reciprocating compressors. Gas processing included TEG dehydration, oily water treatment, field flaring, power generation and compressed air. The modular design of piping packages allowed for prefabrication, testing and assembly prior to site installation, significantly reducing site installation cost.

GPA’s multidiscipline engineering team worked closely with Jemena to complete the detailed design, embracing the use of innovative design options. Project innovations included the use of low cost steel driven piles instead of bored piers, and the use of pre-fabricated modules for the majority of balance of plant infrastructure.

The ACS project also required noise mitigation, ensuring the impact on local stakeholders was minimal. GPA worked with suppliers specifying noise attenuation infrastructure and consulted with Jemena to integrate the required changes into the design without affecting the overall project schedule. Each compression/driver package was fitted with noise attenuation enclosures, including air ventilation systems.

GPA assisted Jemena in the management of procurement, through the preparation of RFT documentation, tender evaluation and provision of recommendations of award for each package. GPA acted on behalf of Jemena to review received vendor documentation, assess compliance with the requisite specifications, and to integrate into the final IFC design.

GPA worked with Jemena to complete all of the Safety in Design requirements for the project, inclusive of Balance of plant HAZOP, vendor package HAZOPs, LOPA/SIL assessments, CHAZOP and Plant 3D Layout reviews.

The ACS project was schedule driven with the detailed design phase completed successfully within 9 months.

GPA completed the detailed design of the Greenfields Compression facility in 2019.  The facility included:

  • Connections from the gas gathering network, including buried gas inlet slug catcher and water transfer facilities
  • Low pressure, enclosed field production flare, specified for low noise
  • Design of Pre-Assembled pipe racks and skidded equipment
  • Specification of gas engine driven oil flooded screw compressors and 3 Stage reciprocating compressors
  • Integration of Screw and Reciprocating compressor packages into a balance of plant design
  • Specification of and integration of gas engine power generation facilities
  • LV electrical distribution system design
  • Balance of plant control system design and programming
  • TEG dehydration specification and integration into the balance of plant design
  • Design of gas regulation and metering for transfer to a Class 1500 HP pipeline
  • Design of utilities, including instrument air, fuel gas, oily water treatment and oil transfer systems


GPA’s multidiscipline engineering team worked closely with Jemena to complete the detailed design for Atlas Compressor Station within 9 months.