Bulwer Island Power Station Electric Driven Inlet Gas Boost Compression

Falling gas pressures on the gas main to Bulwer Island Power Station required the selection, purchase and installation of fuel gas boost compression. A Howden WCVXN 204/11021 oil flooded, rotary screw compressor which was powered by a variable speed drive and an electric motor was selected to handle the variable turndown of the Power plant.

The project scope included the introduction of two parallel oil flooded screw compressors, and integration of the compression units into the BP Bulwer refinery power station with automatic control.

GPA provided expert direction and guidance to the packager including a detailed performance specification, which was key to achieving an optimum package design. GPA also acted as contract superintendent for the project, developing a detailed specification for tender listing engineering deliverables and timeframes. This was based on an incentive cash payment scheme to ensure maximum value to the project was delivered by all project contractors. The project required GPA to co-ordinate multiple stakeholders into a cohesive team to ensure the fast track timeline was successfully achieved.

GPA were engaged to improve gas compression at the Bulwer Island Power Station, designing the integration of screw compressors to the plant, as well as acting as contract superintendent.