Condition and Useful Life Assessments of Bulk Loading Plant

Viterra specialises in bulk grain export from South Australia and operates export terminals at Ardrossan, Port Lincoln, Thevenard, Port Adelaide, Outer Harbour, Port Giles and Wallaroo.

GPA were engaged for the assessment of the Bulk Loading Plant (BLP) facilities at the export terminals with the objective to evaluate their condition and establish current useful life.

GPA performed site inspections of all structural, mechanical and electrical components of the BLP. With inspections undertaken below and above water levels, underwater inspections were also required to be undertaken at some facilities.

Results of the inspections were recorded and then assessment of the condition of major facilities were classified based on risk category (low to high priority). GPA then provided high level recommendations for actions to address the issues identified at each of the major facilities. A high level cost indication (+/-25%) for any repair work that was recommended was also provided.

GPA submitted a final report outlining the findings along with useful life values of each of the facilities.

The conditional and useful life assessments provided Viterra with the required data to plan the management of their Bulk Loading Plant facilities into the future, ensuring safe and reliable operations to deliver to export schedules.

Condition and Useful Life Assessments conducted by GPA provided the required insight to plan the management and maintenance of Viterra’s Bulk Loading Plant facilities for future operations.