Beach Energy

Haselgrove #3 Gas Wellhead Connection

Beach Energy was expanding their gas operation in South Australia’s South East, bringing on board an addition well site, Haselgrove #3. Raw gas and associated liquids from Haselgrove #3 were to be processed at the Katnook Gas Plant and the resultant sales gas to be sold to the local South East market.

GPA was engaged to complete the engineering design and provided commissioning support for the connection of the Haselgrove #3 gas wellhead to the new Katnook Gas Plant via the existing Haselgrove South #1 to Katnook Pipeline.

GPA’s scope was as follows:

  • Design of the Haselgrove #3 Gas Flowline from the Haselgrove #3 well lease to the Haselgrove South #1 to Katnook Pipeline.
  • Design of an above ground tie-in manifold for future reconnection of the Haselgrove #1 flowline.
  • Design and commissioning support of Haselgrove #3 well lease equipment, including, HILO valve, Number one spool, Methanol injection package and injection point, Choke valve, Orifice plate flow meter, H2S scavenger injection point, Corrosion inhibitor injection package and injection point, PSV, Manual blowdown vent, Lease piping, Wellhead RTU and communications, RTU and electrical skid (main power connection and back-up diesel genset).

The project proved challenging, with GPA’s project team managing scope changes while working to a tight schedule. Maintaining close relationships with numerous client interfaces was also required, resulting in successful completion and commissioning of the wellhead connection to the processing plant.

GPA provided the FEED and Detailed Design for the Haselgrove #3 gas wellhead connection, expanding Beach Energy’s gas operations in the South East of South Australia.