Member of SCADA and Automation Panel

GPA has completed projects via an estimated 400 separate contracts with SA Water, United Water, AllWater and SA Water Constructors. In total GPA has designed / installed / upgraded / configured / commissioned an estimated 1000 individual sites throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia for SA Water.

Throughout this time, GPA has been engaged in projects varying in size and scope from process control network and SCADA replacements at water and waste water treatment plants to the installation of solar powered remote telemetry cabinets in remote areas.

GPA has extensive knowledge of SA Water’s operational systems and technical standards, allowing new activities to be undertaken with ease. Our designs and implementations are focused to meet both SA Water standards and project requirements. We have developed well established working relationships within the SA Water organisation including engineering staff, project managers, major systems operations staff, regional workshop staff, asset planning staff and procurement.

Some major projects completed by GPA include;

  • Tag Management System (TMS). GPA were engaged to develop a fully custom software solution specifically to meet the business requirements of a Tag Management System, dealing with managing consistency and compliance of SCADA and Non-SCADA tags across the SA Water business. The solution was a Tag Management System (TMS) developed as a web based SPA (Single-Page Application) with an ASP.NET core backend, supported by an SQL database and Vue front end.
  • SCADA Platform Upgrade Project. GPA supported SA Water’s SCADA upgrade project to provide a resilient, cost effective system that allows monitoring and control of water assets in any situation, be it a state-wide power interruption or targeted cyber-attack. The new central SCADA system, offers a virtual solution in a single secure data centre, a full system rollback can occur in hours instead of days. SA Water were awarded the Resilience project of the year in the 2020 iTnews Benchmarks Awards for this project.

  • Christies Beach Water Treatment E&I upgrade. To meet increased demand due to an increasing population, SA Water undertook a $300m upgrade of the Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant. The instrumentation and controls component of the project involved the complete replacement of the existing plant process control system, process instrumentation and site communications infrastructure.
  • Myponga Water Treatment Plant SCADA and Controls Upgrade. GPA were engaged for the detailed designed, construction and commissioning of the Myponga SCADA and PLC system upgrade. This required ensuring all technology complied with the latest SA Water standards, including connectivity to the Operational SCADA Network (OSN), providing secure access to accurate monitoring, trending, archiving, controlling and access of all data remotely from the plant. The design also had to ensure the upgrade could be implementation on the running plant, minimising the amount of time the plant would be offline as water supply to local consumers throughout was a critical requirement.
  • Eyre Peninsula SCADA Upgrade Project. GPA designed a new radio network, installed RTUs and digital radios and commissioned radio base stations at remote sites. GPA was also responsible for the upgrade of the control system of the Port Lincoln Wastewater Treatment Plant to an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC, supply and install of new HMI interfaces, and modification of the iFIX servers to include diagnostics for the new telemetry system.

GPA has been supporting SA Water’s automation systems since 2001 and has been highly successful in consistently delivering SCADA and Controls projects and Operations Support services.