QGP Stage 2 Expansion detailed design

The Queensland Gas Pipeline (QGP) Stage 2 Expansion Project involved duplication of the existing DN300 QGP gas transmission pipeline with a 35km DN400 class 600# looping pipeline between Arcadia Valley and Rolleston to increase the pipeline capacity.

The project included:

  • detailed design of the pipeline and above ground scraper facilities
  • HDD road and water crossing
  • a hot tap for replacement of an existing MLV
  • associated CP design and corrosion studies (HIC, EAC and SCC).

GPA minimised civil costs and requirements for piling and large anchor blocks through considered facility design and analysis of loading cases. We were able to deliver the detailed design of pipeline and facilities project in an efficient manner with a high level of quality to meet the requirements of AS2885.

GPA were engaged by Jemena to increase their gas transmission pipeline capacity with the design of a looping pipeline between Arcadia Valley and Rolleston.