Roma North Compression Facility

The Roma North (EOS) Compression facility is a CSG gas compression facility developed for Senex in Queensland’s Surat Basin. GPA completed the FEED and detailed design for the facility setting new industry cost benchmarks, significantly below all other Queensland CSG projects.

The Roma North (EOS) Compression facility project required a design that was fit for purpose and met the market in terms of project cost. Working together with Senex, GPA finalised a design based upon proven, reliable equipment, (gas engines, reciprocating compression, TEG dehydration), as well as incorporation of relevant lessons learned from the CSG industry.

GPA completed the detailed design of the Greenfields EOS Compression facility in 2018. The facility included:

  •  Connections from the gas gathering network, including buried gas inlet slug catcher and water transfer facilities
  • Low pressure field production flare
  • Design of Pre-Assembled pipe racks and skidded equipment
  • Specification of gas engine driven oil flooded screw compressors and 3 Stage reciprocating compressors
  • Integration of Screw and Reciprocating compressor packages into a balance of plant design
  • Specification of and integration of gas engine power generation facilities
  • LV electrical distribution system design
  • Balance of plant control system design and programming
  • TEG dehydration specification and integration into the balance of plant design
  • Design of gas regulation and metering for transfer to a Class 1500 HP pipeline
  • Design of utilities, including instrument air, fuel gas, oily water treatment and oil transfer systems

GPA mobilised a multidiscipline engineering team to complete the engineering design, resulting in a fit for purpose design that met extremely tight budget and schedule targets. Working closely with Senex, GPA ensured that the facility would meet future operational requirements through inclusion of low cost options to enable expandability should the CSG reserves allow.

Construction times and costs were reduced by project innovations such as the use of low cost steel driven piles instead of bored piers and the use of pre-fabricated modules for the majority of balance of plant infrastructure. These initiatives were so successful that the Roma North (EOS) Compression station set new industry cost benchmarks, which were significantly below all other Queensland CSG projects in design, procurement and construction.

Due to strong project collaboration and focus on cost and schedule, GPA created a fit for purpose design that:

  • was modular, enabling reduction of site labour costs
  • was delivered on schedule, enabling Senex sufficient time to finalise construction contracts
  • based upon final drawings
  • integrated all vendor packages
  • is operable and maintainable using readily available regional labour resources
  • closed out all HAZOP and other Safety in Design actions raised during the design process

This benchmark gas compression facility is a disruptor for the CSG industry, introducing fit for purpose concepts that can be brought through to operation in a reduced timeframe for far less capital. The Roma North (EOS) Compression facility was operational with 2 years and is currently sending gas to the domestic market.

GPA set new industry benchmarks for the design of the Roma North (EOS) Compression facility, with operations beginning and gas being delivered to the domestic market within 2 years.