Roma North – Wellsite Metering and Control infrastructure design

GPA has worked closely with Senex for many years, designing and refining several variations of their CSG wellsite facilities, resulting in optimised, fit for purpose skid based designs that are easy to operate and simple to install.

Components of these facilities include the wellhead pump, metering skid complete with flowmeter and PSVs, separation skid complete with separator vessel, HDPE water holding tank and water transfer pump, gas generator skid and off skid piping spools.

GPA’s design of the facilities has included:

  • Standardised civil design of the lease pads
  • Process sizing of piping and specification of standardised PSVs
  • Mechanical design of skids including separator
  • Pump and valve selection
  • Electrical design
  • RTU design and SCADA programming
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Construction support and commissioning assistance in the field

GPA’s commitment to work closely with Senex’s selected vendors has enabled continual improvement of the well head facilities’ design which are now cost effective, repeatable, easy to operate and simple to install.

Senex recently reported in their Oct 10 ASX Announcement that gas production at their Roma North field has increased significantly.  A great contribution to this result has been that new wells are brought on line efficiently using the fit for purpose, simple, standardised equipment. This has resulted in extremely low installation cost and accelerated development schedule.

Low cost expansion and maintenance options provided by GPA enable Senex to install facilities that match individual well performance without any delay or redesign.

GPA looks forward to continuing working with Senex as they look to efficiently increase production from their existing assets.

GPA has designed and refined several variations of CSG wellsite facilities, continual improvement has resulted in optimised, fit for purpose skid based designs that are easy to operate and simple to install.