SA Power Networks (SAPN) operates South Australia’s Distribution Network (66kV-11kV). GPA have been involved in a wide range of SAPN projects providing technical knowledge and assistance to the SAPN Planning Department.

GPA has provided assistance in :

  • Reviewing Feeder Protection settings, identifying malgrades
    and provided new protection settings on new and existing
    feeder protection devices for over 100 Distribution lines
  • Scoped, prioritised and providing settings for protection devices to ensure adequate primary and backup protection operates within the required margins
  • Identified, scoped and upgraded the protection settings of rural substations to ensure that they have Sensitive Neutral Over-current Protection for Substation 33/11kV Transformers and 11kV Distribution Feeders
  • Accommodating summer peak heat loads, reviewing SAPN’s most heavily loaded lines and critical feeders and providing engineered solutions
  • Providing assistance in South Australia’s first feeder automation network. GPA have provided protection settings to relays, reclosers and load switches capable of the feeder automation schemes
  • Substation Protection Auditing – GPA have audited in excess of 40 Substations, identifying both aged protection devices and incorrect protection settings. As part of the audit process GPA was tasked with rectifying issues found by either instructing SAPN protection engineers to remedy records and/or issuing instructions to Field Service Crews to remedy issues found onsite.

GPA has worked closely with SA Power Networks to provide technical knowledge and assistance for a number of projects.