Tag Management System (TMS) Custom Software Development

SA Water hosts hundreds of thousands of SCADA and IIoT tags on multiple disparate systems throughout South Australia. Consistency of the work products deployed to these systems [tags] has been an ongoing issue for many years and business consumers of data have struggled to identify and maintain links for compliance reporting, business reporting and analytics systems in the absence of a central tag management system.

COTS (Customisable Off the Shelf) products were considered, however given the scale and complexity of the requirements, these solutions were determined to be lacking flexibility and scalability to achieve the required outcomes.

GPA were engaged to develop a software solution to meet the business requirements of a Tag Management System, dealing with the management of consistency and compliance of SCADA and Non-SCADA tags across the SA Water business.

The solution was a Tag Management System (TMS) developed as a web based SPA (Single-Page Application) with an ASP.NET core backend, supported by an SQL database and Vue front end.

The solution consists of five main modules:


Validation provides a logic based visual rule editor which allows SA Water to define a wide range of rules to enforce tag consistency across the entire business.


Asset Templates ensure tags are defined as part of the broader operational asset framework. The asset template approach lessens the complexity of tag creation and substantially reduces the amount of time to create production ready tags.

Tag Packaging

Tag Packaging brings together asset templates and validation and introduces a workflow around creation, review and deployment of tag solutions. TMS offers a rich UI environment in order to visualize tags and assets as they reside in SA Water’s asset hierarchy

Reporting and Notification

TMS acts as the central source of truth for tag definitions for the SA Water business. Reporting allows for searching and review of all tags in production across multiple disparate technologies in use by SA Water. Users can subscribe to groups of tags or assets and be notified of planned or unplanned changes well ahead of any potential disruption of the data.

Deploy and Discovery Agents

Agents are scalable and flexible services which provide the “push-pull” functionality TMS needs to deploy and discover tag information in production systems, as well as providing auditing through the reporting module for detecting and approving any inadvertent or malıcıous changes made to productıon systems.

GPA designed and developed an enterprise level software solution for SA Water, providing a platform for the definition of assets and tags, to be developed and deployed consistently into the business.