Torrens Island Power Station BESS

GPA was engaged by AGL to act as Owner’s Engineer for the Torrens Island Power Station (TIPS) Battery (BESS) project. The project installed a 250MW/250MWh BESS to replace the retiring A station gas turbines. The BESS is connected to the grid via the existing Torrens Island A Station substation Unit A4 connection and can power approximately 75,000 South Australian homes for 1 hour.

As Owner’s Engineer, GPA provided a range of multidisciplinary services to assist AGL with the delivery of the project. GPA supported:

  1. Conducted technical reviews of the Project Contractor’s design documentation
  2. Monitored compliance to the Project Contracts, legislative requirements, Generator Performance Standards (GPS), Australian Standards, general HSE requirements and applicable international standards.
  3. Monitored equipment manufacturing and attended Factory Acceptance Testing.
  4. Participated in risk management, Design Reviews and HAZOP workshops.
  5. Witnessing/Supervising Installation, commissioning, and testing of the new BESS.
  6. Monitored progressive work inspections and tests.
  7. Inspected and monitored technical compliance of Tests on Completion, including Site Acceptance Tests.
  8. Witnessed R2 testing.
  9. Upgrades to the ElectraNet Torrens A4 switchyard to facilitate the connection
  10. Above ground and below ground electricity transmission connections from the existing Torrens A4 switchyard to the BESS Facility.

GPA involvement as Owner’s Engineer allowed AGL to deliver the design and balance of plant on schedule. Support throughout testing and commissioning to ensure the project was completed within 18 months, and is now an active contributor to South Australia’s energy mix.

Torren’s Island BESS highlights GPA’s commitment to supporting projects that drive Australia’s energy transition. The development of large battery systems plays a crucial role to the stability and sustainability of Australia’s energy grid. As industry transitions away from fossil fuel generation, GPA strives to deliver the best energy solutions for our clients and in turn all Australians.


The Torrens Island Power Station battery storage project is Australia’s second largest BESS. GPA was proud to support the project as Owner’s Engineer.