Uranquinty Power Station Upgrade

The 640MW gas-fired peaking power station comprising four Siemens V94.2 gas turbines was purchased by Origin in 2008. Origin Energy engaged GPA as Owners Engineer to perform design verification, commissioning, and operational support duties in order to bring the facility up to operational and safety standards.

As part of this project GPA assisted with:

  • Various plant optimisation FEEDs
  • Design verification & auditing
  • MV & LV Power system modelling & protection equipment analysis
  • Station control system rationalisation & operability optimisation
  • HV breaker inter-trip testing & unit transformer protection & controls
  • Design review
  • Electrical safety audits & risk assessments
  • Power system hazard & operability studies
  • EPCM of new integrated demineralised water plant

GPA’s expertise in Australian Standards and regulations, coupled with our attention to detail, means that we have completed the multiple audits conducted over a number of years, accurately and efficiently.

A key challenge encountered during the Uranquinty Water Treatment Plant upgrade was confirming the precise maximum power load. GPA confidently determined that the upgrade would not increase the maximum power load above the limited available power capacity. This reduced the projects capital cost significantly as power augmentation was not required.

GPA were engaged as Owners Engineer to perform design verification, commissioning and operational support duties for the Uranquinty Power Station Upgrade.