Viterra Decarbonisation Advisory and Energy Transformation

Viterra engaged GPA to undertake a series of studies to help Viterra ANZ turn its long-term sustainability and renewables goals into actionable initiatives and projects. GPA helped Viterra to understand where the opportunities lay in their business to decarbonise, develop a roadmap for their decarbonisation journey and to help define pathways towards integration of renewable energy and greater sustainability to Viterra’s operations, subsequently assisting in actioning and implementing the initiatives developed.

Additionally, GPA performed screening studies of Viterra’s portfolio of sites to determine the best potential sites to locate their pilot renewable integration facilities and then assisted Viterra to understand how the power generated may be commercially distributed across its portfolio.

GPA then assessed the suitable technologies and identified a 5MW PV + BESS system to be commercially optimal for supporting their portfolio power demands and local BEV charging for a fleet of 6 light electric vehicles. GPA is subsequently completing a concept design for the facility.

Lastly, GPA developed recommendations for connection to the SA grid, estimated the cost, reviewed the council development requirements, and provided advice on the commercial model and financial viability of the pilot project.

GPA’s investigation summary and recommendations will allow Viterra to develop a more sustainable business via a range of new energy projects that are best suited to their operations and facilities.

GPA assisted Viterra in discovering opportunities for a more sustainable business, developing a roadmap for decarbonisation and defining pathways towards integration of renewable energy within operations.