Western Sydney Green Gas Project

GPA was engaged by Jemena, a natural gas distribution network owner and operator across the east coast of Australia to complete a technical review. GPA completed a technical review of available electrolysis technology including both PEM and Alkaline. Developing an understanding the operation and performance criteria of the packages for Jemena.

GPA moved forward with the detailed design of the facility, including integration of all packages and development of a controls system that could react to changes in market conditions.

The facility includes an electrolyser to produce hydrogen, an underground pipe to store hydrogen and a microturbine for power generation back into the grid. In addition to the detailed design GPA were responsible for navigating the environmental, technical, safety and commercial regulatory processes to gain approval for the project.

GPA’s project involvement included:

  • Procurement support for the major packages
  • Detailed designed of the facility
    • Mechanical & piping design
    • Civil & Structural
    • Electrical and Instrumentation
    • Control system
    • Risk assessments
  • Development approvals process for gas and electrical networks
    • Management of the environmental approvals process
    • Management of technical approvals process
    • Review of the risks to networks and downstream users by the addition of the hydrogen

Further information:

Jemena were interested in understanding where hydrogen could integrate between the electrical and gas markets. Power to Gas (P2G) was identified as a technology that could provide stability to the both the electrical and gas markets.