GPA supports businesses to deliver effective outcomes to drive future success.

We understand industry is facing rapid change and many businesses will require transition to embrace sustainable and maintainable operations. As engineering specialists with onsite operational experience, GPA’s team has the insight and expertise to assess business opportunities and risks.

We offer a range of advisory services which are delivered using a structured approach. Our aim is to significantly increase profitability and reduce risk, optimising operating expenditure through value adding improvement programs.

GPA has a strong track record of delivering programs in large complex operating organisations, where we combine the skills of change management, stakeholder engagement, workshop facilitation and leadership coaching in combination with extensive engineering, project management and operations experience. This results in practical solutions which can be effectively implemented.

GPA has experience in project techno-economic analysis and due diligence, providing constructive advice to key decision makers. We specialise in providing solutions for heavy industrial projects on greenfield and brownfield sites with unique, challenging conditions. Our vast knowledge base ensures confidence in our approach to advising on new projects.

We have the skills and expertise to develop solutions to best support your business, ensuring efficient and safe operations that are sustainable for the future.


Service Offerings

Strategy Development

  • Market and external trends analysis
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Strategy design and facilitation
  • Value chain and scenario analysis
  • Decision making criteria development
  • Investment analysis

Future Energy / Energy Transition

  • Decarbonisation roadmap development
  • Carbon reduction strategies
  • Renewable energy pathways and integration
  • Sustainability and carbon emissions reporting
  • Use case analysis, qualitative and quantitative assessment

Techno-Economic Assessment

  • Depreciated optimised replacement cost (DORC)
  • Risk cost benefit
  • Demand and forecasting
  • Market analysis
  • Options analysis and due diligence

Governance, Assurance and Compliance

  • System design, development and implementation
  • Audit and gap analysis
  • Major hazard facilities – safety case compliance

Regulatory and Policy Advice

  • Regulatory and standards development and review
  • Policy review
  • Decarbonisation pathways
  • Energy infrastructure planning and advisory

Risk and Safety Management

  • Risk and Process Safety
  • Safety case development for major hazardous facilities
  • Safety management system design, development and implementation
  • Incident investigation
  • Consequence modelling
  • Fire and explosion studies
  • Quantitative risk assessment
  • ALARP assessment

Operations Support

  • Operational readiness
  • Management strategy and systems
  • Management of change
  • Operationalising safety cases

Asset Management

  • Reliability and Maintenance Implementation
  • Performance and Optimisation
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Benchmarking
  • Transformation planning
  • System design, development and implementation
  • Failure mode effect analysis

Training and Culture Transformation

  • Development and delivery of customised training in:
    • Process safety
    • Asset management
    • Operational risk and governance
  • Leadership training development from field personnel to executive leadership
  • Cultural change management programs
  • Vision, strategy, communication and stakeholder development
  • Verification, review and coaching

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Strategy development
  • Client and supplier management strategies
  • On boarding
  • Organisation design and development

Case Studies

Strategy Development

A large Australian mining company needed help to identify the most valuable strategic investment opportunities in an emerging industry.

Solution: GPA worked collaboratively with the company’s senior executives to design, inform and facilitate a strategy development workshop with the team. Coupled with GPA’s extensive market and value chain analysis, GPA developed decision-making criteria aligned with the company’s strengths, opportunities, risk appetite and strategic goals. The result was a strategic investment opportunity paper that the company’s senior executives took ownership of to set a new company direction.

Energy Transition

One of Australia’s leading research organisations needed support to map out the extensive and far-reaching research objectives to support the energy transition.

Solution: Over an extended timeframe, GPA worked collaboratively with the organisation’s leadership and key research organisations to map out the research requirements and objectives in multiple technical and organisational research streams. The outcome was a set of clear, detailed transition roadmaps with which the organisation can monitor and track research performance and outcomes.

Techno-Economic Assessment

An international consortium identified the potential for export of green hydrogen from Australia, but needed assistance to understand the value chain and key technical and economic drivers for success.

Solution: GPA worked collaboratively with the international team to develop a sophisticated, interactive techno-economic model of the full energy supply chain. The result was a clear understanding of the value drivers and sensitivities, and a basis on which to progress more detailed technical development of the opportunity.

Regulatory Risk and Economic Analysis

An energy infrastructure company was required to submit capital funding requirements to the Australian Energy Regulator for assessment and approval to pass on costs to customers.

Solution: GPA developed semi-quantitative risk assessment and cost benefit analyses for six projects for submission to the AER. GPA also provided the client with a methodology paper and training through workshops to enable them to deliver consistent submissions meeting the AER requirements in future.

Policy Advice

A large Australian energy industry body needed assistance to understand and interpret key policy implications of a government report affecting their representative industries.

Solution: GPA were able to combine extensive technical understanding of the full energy supply chain and identify key assumptions and interpretations impacting the policy development. The outcome was the GPA were able to provide unbiased, dependable and credible advice to support further influencing of policy-making outcomes.

Safety Management System Development and Implementation

In order to meet MHF safety case requirements the safety management systems of a oil and gas company were expanded.

Solution: GPA prepared management standards and procedures in the areas of process safety, technical governance, operations management, management of change, project management and incident investigation and Reporting. Training packages were developed for technical and nontechnical personnel as part of the implementation process.

Developing Management Systems for Operational Assets

An oil and gas company with ownership of non- operating assets was in the process of acquiring an operating asset. The management systems, organisational structure and supporting systems, such as training and HR were not suitable to support the new operational requirements.

Solution: GPA designed and conducted a gap analysis workshop identifying weaknesses and worked with the leadership team to develop an implementation plan for changes required to systems and processes.

Zero Harm Management: Incident Review and Audit

An energy infrastructure company experienced two serious incidents, which resulted in improvement notices from the technical regulator.

Solution: GPA conducted independent incident investigations and interfaced with the regulator to outline the incident root causes and required improvement plans. On implementation of the improvement plans, GPA conducted further audits to ensure required changes were embedded in the organisation. This audit resulted in insights to develop additional actions of technical and cultural change to ensure zero harm.

Process Safety Management System Gap Analysis

During a MHF audit a multi-national mining company received poor compliance results for their management of change system.

Solution: GPA conducted a review of their existing system and practices, identified the reasons for the non-compliance and designed a new management of change standard and procedure. A collaborative focus group was created to tailor and ratify the documents. Focus group members went on to become change champions assisting with implementation of cultural change. The new standard was presented at company wide Global Engineering Forum, resulting in the standard being adopted company wide.

Asset Integrity Management

A multi-national mining company had begun to fall behind in organisational support, funding and delivery of meaningful results in their Asset Integrity Program.

Solution: GPA conducted an independent audit of the program using targeted interviews, surveys and data analysis. Root causes of poor performance were identified. Working collaboratively with leaders across the company, GPA were able to re-educate stakeholder on the value of the program, making recommendations to eliminate inefficiencies and redirect focus to make the program successful.

Asset Management System Transformation

An oil and gas company operating the in gas pipeline industry required a reliability maturity assessment.

Solution: GPA conducted a qualitative survey to assess the company’s maturity in asset strategy, threat management, defect elimination and work management and leadership governance. Based on the results, we worked collaboratively with our client to develop a transformation and implementation plan to achieve their reliability goals.

Maintenance Contract Optimisation Stakeholder Management

The relationship between an energy infrastructure company and their long term contractor for delivery of maintenance services had broken down, resulting in ineffective communication and misaligned goals.

Solution: GPA developed a survey and conducted targeted interviews in both organisations. Two workshops were facilitated, resulting in a clear understanding of the problems across all areas: people, process and tools. An improvement plan was developed, which defined clear and aligned goals for both parties – vital in the contact renegotiation process and in turn the basis of the new contract.