Asset Management

GPA offers a wide range of expert asset management engineering services diversified across business areas.

Our Expertise

  • Establishing and implementing asset management systems
  • Auditing compliance and maturity of systems and equipment
  • Developing reliability centred maintenance strategies
  • Preventative maintenance optimisation
  • Completing detailed inspections and assessment of assets
  • Usage of computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS)
  • Conducting detailed equipment condition and material assessments
  • Extending life investigations
  • Forensic engineering and fault investigation
  • Risk and safety assessments
  • System capacity assessments and performance reviews
  • Assessments of renewal and upgrade requirements
  • Testing and validation of new technologies

GPA utilises extensive engineering and operational experience to provide integrity and reliability of assets through asset lifecycle management. GPA offer asset management engineering services across a range of business areas including:

  • Mechanical assets
  • Processing equipment
  • Civil and structural infrastructure
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Information systems
  • Telemetry systems
  • Business systems

We believe that successful project delivery requires a strong focus on integrating project design and delivery functions, with asset lifecycle management and maintenance functions.

This continues to be a priority across our portfolio of projects and clients. Asset management engineering services provide clients the benefits of; increased plant reliability and availability, reduced operational spend, assurance of safety and minimising risk.

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A highly experienced, multidisciplinary engineering and management firm, GPA has consulted and provided engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services, since 1987. We develop, engineer, and implement industrial scale projects across the Oil & Gas, Defence, Water Treatment & Distribution, Mining & Minerals Processing, Power Generation & Distribution, Renewable Energy and Hydrogen sectors.

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