Commission & Ops Support

GPA takes on projects from concept through to site commissioning, acceptance testing and hand over to operations.


  • High degree of plant operation experience
  • Design, verification and validation
  • Safety and process safety related risks identification/risk assessment
  • Fit-for-purpose training documentation
  • Operational support (SCADA and control systems help desk) to major processing and manufacturing plants across Australia
  • Scheduled engineer site visits to provide on-the-spot support to operations personnel

GPA have significant experience in managing plant commissioning, testing and performance verification functions. GPA’s involvement with each project includes:

  • Site pre-commissioning (verifying that the project design has been correctly installed on site and is functionally correct)
  • Process commissioning (carried out after the plant is brought ‘live’ e.g. process medium introduced plant operational)
  • Site acceptance testing phases

Due to the unique nature of some projects, and considering potential risks to personnel or plant operation, further supplementary activities may also be required.

Site Commissioning

Safety and quality is extremely important to us, and we know that a successful project requires a thorough hand over of plant and equipment. Site commissioning is an essential component of this, and GPA has a well-defined process for undertaking these activities for clients. We are renowned for producing highly detailed, operator friendly, logical and safety focused site commissioning procedures.

GPA’s site commissioning services include:

  • Review and approval of all commissioning procedures
  • Sign off and witnessing of tests and associated documentation
  • Obtaining and maintaining site access
  • Planning and obtaining work permits
  • Ensuring that all personnel on site have successfully obtained the appropriate site clearances and inductions
  • Conducting pre-commissioning meetings, toolbox meetings and Client Liaison meetings
  • Monitoring site safety and occupational health requirements
  • Monitoring environmental performance


GPA conduct training as part of the delivery of projects for the majority of our clients. Custom developed training courses benefit clients greatly as we can focus the training on the aspects of the system that are most critical to them, from an operations and maintenance perspective.

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A highly experienced, multidisciplinary engineering and management firm, GPA has consulted and provided engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services, since 1987. We develop, engineer, and implement industrial scale projects across the Oil & Gas, Defence, Water Treatment & Distribution, Mining & Minerals Processing, Power Generation & Distribution, Renewable Energy and Hydrogen sectors.

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