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Industry Sector Manager - Power


Rob is Industry Sector Manager for GPA’s Power, Renewables, Microgrid, & Hybrid Generation department.

Rob has more than 20 years’ experience across a range of industries including renewables, minerals processing, power transmission and distribution, oil and gas production, water, general process industries and building services. Rob and his team have extensive experience within the power industry, including significant expertise on renewable and microgrid power systems.

In his role Rob is responsible for managing and maintaining strong client relationships with the large number of ongoing clients in the power industries. Rob’s passion for the industry is reflected in the large and expanding list of clients with which GPA works, and in the projects which he oversees.

  • Areas of expertise
    • Renewable Energy and Microgrid
    • Conventional Power Generation
    • Hydrogen, Biofuels and Waste to Energy
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Power Engineering
    • Controls and Instrumentation Engineering
    • Engineering Management
    • Project Management

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